The Exhibit Liaison helps with planning and set up of exhibits at each congress. During the congress the Exhibit Liaison visits each booth to answer exhibitor questions and ensure they have what they need.


Patricia Wooster, USA

Focus on Youth Concerts are an important feature in each World Harp Congress.  The goal of the Focus on Youth Concerts is to establish a platform for gifted young harpists (under 21 years of age) and to encourage and recognize them by providing a performance opportunity followed by advice from a panel of professional harpists.  Up to 25 players are selected on the basis of a submitted recording and information on how to apply is published ahead of each Congress event.


Ernestine Stoop, The Netherlands

The Help and Resources Project was created to help both students and professional harpists whose country’s economy prevents them from obtaining needed supplies such as strings and music.

Please contact us if you have extra harp supplies or music and wish to help out harpists in need.


Mercedes Gomez, Mexico

Marisela Gonzalez, Venezuela

Veronika Lemishenko, Ukraine

Stasa Mirkovic, Serbia

Marcelo Penido, Brazil

The goal of the International Harp Archives is to build a comprehensive collection of harp music and memorabilia related to harp and the musicians who dedicated their lives to preserve and perpetuate the harp’s history and ensure its future.

Materials range from scores, manuscripts and recordings to photographs, correspondence, programs and other documents. Currently the International Harp Archives has over 11,000 scores and sound recordings in addition to the archives.

David A. Day, USA

Accessing the Archives
For information on finding and borrowing materials from the International Harp Archives please visit

Internet Archive
To access more than 2,400  public domain scores go to and search for “(byuinternationalharparchive)” – parentheses included

International Harp Archives Online Brochure

Purpose: To encourage and facilitate performances of new music at World Harp Congresses. This committee proposes and reviews and screens proposals of new music works and world premieres for future Congresses. 


Ernestine Stoop, The Netherlands