WHC Harp Insurance for Members in Good Standing of the World Harp Congress


The Musical Instrument Insurance Team at Anderson Insurance are experts when it comes to insuring harps. Now entering its 34th year in 2024 insuring musical instruments, Anderson Group, located in Sebring, Florida (USA) is devoted exclusively to insuring musical instruments worldwide for musicians, musician associations, orchestras, collectors and musical instrument dealers.

Anderson insures all types of instruments and specializes in insuring harps since 2005!   Anderson is also the endorsed agent for the harp insurance programs for the American Harp Society, the International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen, Harp Centre of Australia, and the New Zealand Harp Society.  The insurance carrier for the WHC Musical Instrument Insurance program is the Hanover Insurance Company.  Anderson’s Signature Musical instruments coverage form is issued  to the World Harp Congress under policy number IHN 9407653 in the State of Texas (USA) to participating members of the World Harp Congress.  The WHC Harp Insurance Program is extremely comprehensive and broad in coverage and you must be a member in good standing of the World Harp Congress to participate in this program.

Highlights of the WHC Harp Insurance Program

Harp Insurance Rates:

  • Pedal Harp Rate per $100 is now $.61/$100 USD.
  • Lever Harp only rate per $100 is $.68/$100 USD.
  • Minimum premium is now $175/USD for pedal harps per year including the $25 USD annual policy fee.
  • Minimum premium for lever harps is now $135 USD for lever only harp insurance members including the $25 USD annual policy fee.

1-Year Policy Premium

  • $175 USD per year will now purchase $24,590 USD of insurance for WHC harp insurance pedal harp insurance members.
  • $135 USD per year will now purchase $16,246 USD of lever harp only insurance for WCH lever harp insureds.

3-Year Policy Premium

  • $393.75 USD will now purchase up to $24,590 USD of pedal harp insurance for 3 years.
  • $303.75 USD will now purchase up to $16,246 USD of lever harp insurance for 3 years.

Cause of Loss:
“All risk” Coverage, except as excluded, is provided for your instruments and related equipment and accessories.

Valuation Clause:
This coverage is provided on an “agreed value” basis. If we agree to insure your instrument, that insurance limit will be the amount agreed to be the value for the purpose of this insurance.

Coverage Territory:
Musical instruments are covered on a worldwide basis.

Rate per $100 of insured value:
The WHC Harp Insurance program rate of $.50/$100 of coverage is among the lowest available worldwide.

Insurance Company:
This program is underwritten by the Hanover Insurance Company.

Detailed information may be found at:
WHC Harp Insurance Program – Anderson Group (anderson-group.com)