WHC Archives

The archives of the World Harp Congress are held in the International Harp Archives at Brigham Young University.  This collection also includes the archives of the American Harp Society and personal collections from many individual harpists. The archive consists of items ranging from scores, manuscripts and recordings to photographs, correspondence, programs and other documents.

The goal of the International Harp Archives is to build a comprehensive collection of harp music and memorabilia related to harp and the musicians who dedicated their lives to preserve and perpetuate the harp’s history and ensure its future.

International Harp Archives Online Brochure

David A. Day, USA

Accessing the Archives
For information on finding and borrowing materials from the International Harp Archives please visit http://lib.byu.edu/sites/harp/finding-aids/

Internet Archive
To access more than 2,400  public domain scores go to http://archive.org/ and search for “(byuinternationalharparchive)” – parentheses included