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The latest harp news from all over the world.  

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FALL 2017


4 October 2017 Marcela Mendez, Mario Martinez and Maryen Muñoz will join in a concert in the Golden Hall of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires called “A Journey to Baroque Music: from Caccini to Bach”. Marcela Mendez will perform on the arpa doppia, Mario Martinez on the Baroque guitar and voice, and Mexican-Spanish harpist Maryen Muñoz on the pedal harp.

The 3rd “Buenos Aires Harp Week” will take place 16 to 20 October 2017 at the National Artes University in Buenos Aires. Marielle Nordmann will be the guest of honor and will offer masterclasses as will Oscar Rodriguez Do Compo.

Also the first harp student contest of Argentina for intermediate level will take place within the same event.

All events are co-organized by the “Neuva Escurla Argentina de Arpa”.  For more information contact: international@nearg-harp.com.ar



In October 2017, the Third Buenos Aires Harp Week took place at the National Arts University. It was co-organized by the New Argentinean Harp School NGO. Its president and founder, Professor Oscar Rodríguez Do Campo organized the event, which gathered more than twenty-five harpists and musicians from South America and Europe, together with Artistic Director, Marcela Mendez.

The week was dedicated in memory of the late Mexican harpist, Angel Padilla Crespo.  A special award was presented to Mabel Gomez Oliver, the Mexican Ambassador in Buenos Aires, and Diego de la Vega Wood, Cultural Affairs representative, to be kept within the Mexican Embassy at Buenos Aires in Angel’s name. 

Oscar Rodríguez Do Campo presents the Angel Padilla Crespo Award to Mexican Ambassador, Mabel Gomez Oliver.

Concerts, workshops and masterclasses were offered by Lucrecia Jancsa, Graciela Milana, Tiziana Todoroff, Gabriela Gonzalez Czerednikow, Alina Traine, Miguel Angel Cagliani (piano), Felipe Martini, Nicolas Rauld (viola), and Nicolas Brizuela (flute). The week ended with some of the students performing works for an audience and members of the Jury. 

Felipe Martini (harp), Nicolas Rauld (viola), and Nicolas Brizuela (flute)

International guests were Elisabeth Plank from Austria, who was sponsored by the Austrian Embassy and presented a special concert, and French legend, Marielle Nordmann, who received the International Certificate of Visiting Professor from the National Arts University and a special award by the New Argentinean Harp School, also presented to Elisabeth Plank. Marielle Nordmann and Oscar Rodriguez Do Campo also gave masterclasses and private lessons.

Marielle Nordmann

The First National Contest for Pedal harp also took place during the week. 

The results are: 
Childrens Category:
First prize: Lourdes Mora 
Second prize: Anahi Milana
Third prize: Gelsomnia Arnolfo Tourn. 

Junior Category:
First prize: Sofia Retamal Diniello
Second prize: Juana Moreno

Intermediate Category:
First prize: Giulia Mazzotta
Second prize: Elena Echenique

Stimulus Category
First prize: Valentina Reyna Masat

Special prizes were awarded to Sofia Retamal Diniello, (Promise of Tomorrow, Best Performance of an Argentinean piece) and Giulia Mazzotta (Best Performance of an Argentinean piece). 



FALL 2017


The Franz Joseph Reinl Competition will take place 22 to 24 February 2018 in Vienna. Invited are harpists born after 1.1.1994, who have not completed their studies and are able to submit a student record.


First round:
I: One sonata by A. Rosetti, J. L. Dussek or S. Corri
II: Any piece by E. Parish-Alvars

Second round (maximum duration not to exceed 20 minutes):
I: Choose one: P. Hindemith Sonata; E. Krenek, Sonate op. 150; H. Genzmer: Fantasie for Harp; P. Patterson: Spiders
II: Free choice

Application deadline is 31 December 2017.



FALL 2017


The 24th edition of the Flemish harpday will take place on Saturday 11 November 2017 in Leuven.





Thanks to the supporters of Kultuurkapital, Viljandi linn, and Hasartmängumaksu Nõukogu the 10th Nordic Harp Meeting took place in Viljandi, a beautiful town in the middle of Estonia in October 2017. The Nordic Harp Meeting is an annual conference for those who play, build, research or simply like the harp and other unusual string instruments unique to the Nordic countries. There were 80 participants from Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Check Republic, Russia, USA, and Honolulu. 

10th Nordic Harp Meeting in Viljandi


In Estonia, we have only a few pedal harp players, but we are proud of our young harpist, Kaisa Helena Žigurs, 13 years old, who has already won several prizes in the last number of years. In 2017, she won First prize at the VI Stockholm International Music Competition and at the International Baltic Competition for Young Musicians. 

Kaisa Helena Žigurs (left)



FALL 2017


The 8th National Harp Competition of the VDH (German Harp Association) will take place in Sondershausen end of April 2018.

New to the competition, which includes orchestral excepts as part of the repertoire in the advanced level, will be an “Open Stage”.

For repertoire and more information please visit: harfe-vdh.de



On 22 October 2017, a memorial concert took place in Munich to honor harp builder, Max Horngacher. (See „In Memoriam“ in the Fall 2017 issue of the World Harp Congress Review). It was organized by Helga Storck, Gunther Joppig and Gudrun Haag. Performers were Sabine Thiel, Helga Storck, and Ute Blaumer. 

Helga Storck performing at the memorial concert for Max Horngacher

From 27 April to 1 May 2017 the annual meeting of the German Harp Association (VDH) took place in Ingolstadt and was hosted by Beate Fürbacher.  Paul Patterson, composer in residence for the WHC in Hong Kong, gave a masterclass and was appointed an honorary member of the VDH. Several concerts, lectures, and workshops took place. 

Paul Patterson during a masterclass for the VDH


Eva Wombacher has been appointed Solo Harpist to the Nationaltheater Mannheim. 


Nicoletta Sanzin from Italy gave a Masterclass in October 2017 on Italian Music of the 20th Century for students of Fabiana Trani at the Hochschule für Musik in Düsseldorf. The main focus was on music by Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco, Franco Mannino, Nino Rota, Alfredo Casella, Luigi Perrachio, Adone Zecchi, and Barbara Giuranna. 


In May, the finals of „Jugend Musiziert“ competition took place. In the category „Solo Harp“ first prizes were awarded to: 

Age group III
Julia Dietrich
Bernadette Rührgartner
Jonas Bruns
Julia Lilith Grünbaum
Amélie Schöpf
Astrid Ulbrich

Age group IV
Karlotta Haydn
Sibhán Mathiak
Sophie Shen
Chrlotte Michels
Elena Manja Werner
Pinja Zenk

Age group V
Katharina Bubmann
Clara Leonie Busemann
Luisa Maria Gabrisch
Swantje Wittenhagen
Jasmin Binde
Anna-Maria Forster
Johanna Görißen
Emily Hoppe
Ersilia Mikrou

Age group VI
Serafina Jaffé

The VDH awards (German Harp Association) were awarded to:
Julia Dietrich, Sibhán Mathiak, Ersilia Mikrou, and Seraphina Jaffé.
Julia Dietrich also received the WESPE award for the interpretation of a work written by a female composer. 



FALL 2017


Arpissima, a gathering organized by Salvi Harps is offering two more events: 20-22 October 2017 in Caltanisetta, featuring Anais Gaudemard, and one in Florence 1-3 December 2017 featuring the three harpists of the major orchestras in Italy: Susanna Bertuccioli (Orchestra Maggio Musicale Firenze), Luisa Prandina (Teatro La Scala Milano), and Antonella Valenti (Teatro San Carlo Napoli).
Info: salviharps.com


The 3rd International Competition Diapason d’oro for young musicians was held in Pordeone on 6 May 2017.

Prizewinners were:
Category A
First prize: Emma Jole Dal Ferro
Category B
First prize: not awarded
Second prize: not awarded
Third prize ex aequo: Aurora Bottacin and Eleonora Burigo
Category C
First prize: Irene Pauletto
Second prize: Virginia Pestugia
Third prize ex aequo: Giada Gobbo and Irene Moratto
Category D
First prize: Eugenia Alfier

The 30th International Competition Rovere d’oro was held in San Bartolomeo a Mare.

Prizewinners were:
Category C3
First prize: Emanuele Raviol, Italy
Category C4
First prize: Evelien Vaneysendeyk, Belgium
Second prize: Ingrid Maria Roman, Romania
Category C5
Second prize: Ivana Cardamone, Italy
Third prize: Laura Marchese, Italy.

The 8th International Contest and Festival Suoni d’arpa will take place in Saluzzo 31 August to 6 September 2018. associazioneitalianarpa.it



FALL 2017


The Dutch Harp Competition and Festival will take place 12 and 13 May 2018 in Utrecht. Quaterfinals will be held in January across three different locations: New York, Hong Kong, and Utrecht. Application deadline: 15 September 2017.




New Recordings

Fredrik Møller Ellingsen (samples/electronics), Erik Honoré (synthesizer/electronics), Bjørn Floberg (voice), Eirik Raude (percussion), Arve Herniksen (trumpet).
Original compositions and arrangements by Ellen Bødtker. 
ESB Records distributed by Musikkoperatørene. (NO)

VESJE, Uno Alexander – OSLOVEWith Edward Daniel (violin), Siri Einen (violin), Marthe Husum (viola), Ulrikke Henninen (cello), Tom Ottar Andreassen (flute), Inga Margrete Aas (doublebass).
Original compositions by Uno Vesje: Oslo(ve) suite for harp/string/flute, II. Andante Moderato from Harp Concerto no. 1, Prelude no. 1
Audio Records distributed by Phonofile (NO).



FALL 2017


The 2018 Korean International Harp Competition and the 4th Korean Harp Festival will take place 24 March to 1 April 2018.

Registration for the competition is only accepted between 1 January and 15 February 2018 via the website: www.kihc.net

The required repertoire is:

Junior Division (up to birth year 2006)

  1. Pick one from François-Joseph Naderman: 7 Sonates Progressives, op. 92
  2. Free choice not to exceed 5 minutes.

Youth Division (up to birth year 2000)

  1. Gabriel Pierné: Impromptu-Caprice, op. 9
  2. Free choice piece not to exceed 12 minutes

Young Professional Division (up to birth year 1986)

  1. Louis Spohr: Variations sur l’air “Je suis encore dans mon printemps”, op. 36
  2. Choose one:
    1. Tailleferre: Sonata for Harp
    2. Krenek: Sonata for Harp, op. 150
  3. Free choice not to exceed 15 minutes



FALL 2017


The second “Camac Prize Taiwan” will take place in 2018. More details to be announced.



FALL 2017


Şirin Pancaroğlu gave a benefit concert under the name of “Woman Composers” with Güzin Değişmez (voice), Bora Uymaz (voice), Mehmet Yalgin (kemenche) and Mete Aslan (oud) at Adahan Hotel Istanbul on 12 March.

Pancaroğlu performed her new project “One Harp a Thousand Worlds” at Buyukcekmece AKM Bedia Muhavvit Concert Hall on 15 March. Her “Çengnağme” project was performed on 27 March in Bandırma, Ziya Taşkent Concert Hall in Sakarya on 29 and 31 March at Bakırköy Cem Karaca Cultural Center in Istanbul. Pancaroğlu’s sufi music project Şimdi Ensemble, “Eternal Love” was performed at the Historical Grandbazaar, Istanbul as a part of the Istanbul Music Festival on 4 June.

Meriç Dönük gave a concert with flutist, Zeynep Keleşoğlu, on 9 March at Koç University, Istanbul.

Çağatay Akyol gave a concert with Bursa State Symphony Orchestra on 16 April in Merinos. He also performed with İzmir State Symphony Orchestra on 14 April at Ahmed Adnan Saygun Cultural Center in İzmir.

Akyol performed at Tourism Expo in Ankara on 31 March. His Arpanatolia project was performed on 11 July at 13th World Harp Congress, Hong Kong.

Bahar Göksu performed with the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra on 31 March in Istanbul.


A new çeng has been made with the collaboration of harpist Şirin Pancaroğlu and Graham Muir from Ardival Harps in Scotland in March.


Merve Kocabeyler gave a masterclass 13-17 July in Ören.


Şimal Güngor won the Second Prize at the “Jugend Musiziert” Landeswettbewerb in Egypt in March.

Harpists, Z. Bahar Aşçı and Tuana Coşkun won First Prizes and Alara Üst won a Second Prize at the Glowing Harp Competition in Ukraine in February 2017.



FALL 2017


Oliver Wass won First Prize in the Suoni d’Arpa International Harp Competition in Italy, and Manon Browning won Second Prize in the National Eisteddfod 2017 Harp Competition.



FALL 2017

Events Calendar

October 20-22, 2017: Lyon & Healy Harptacular, Dallas, TX
November 3-5, 2017: The Camac Festival, Washington, DC www.vaharpcenter.com
March 7-10, 2018: ASTA National Conference, Atlanta, GA
June 27-30, 2018: AHS National Conference, University of Redlands, Redlands, CA
July 4-21, 2018: Young Artist’s Harp Competition and Seminar, Rabun Gap, GA
2019: AHS Summer Institute, University of North Carolina School for the Arts, Winston-Salem, NC


Angelica Hairston has been awarded an Arts Leadership Grant by National Public Radio’s From the Top for “Challenge the Stats”, a concert series celebrating artists of color and highlighting the underrepresentation of minorities in the performing arts.

The Debussy Trio, with harpist Marcia Dickstein, has won the 2017 National Federation of Music Clubs Centennial Chamber Music Award for their latest CD recording Three by Three.

The American Harp Society, Inc. has awarded Chapter of the Year to the Bay Area Chapter.

The American Harp Society, Inc. has presented their Lifetime Achievement Award to Barbara Weiger Lepke-Sims.

Laurie Riley was presented with the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award by the Somerset Folk Harp Festival.


The USA International Harp Competition has announced the 6th Solo Harp Composition Contest. Submissions must be unpublished, un-awarded, and 6 to 8 minutes long. Composers from all countries are welcome. Application deadline: 15 October 2018. Visit usaihc.org for more details.

2018 Anne Adams Awards Required Repertoire:

  1. Choose one of the following:
  • Büsser: Pièce de concert, Op. 32
  • Salzedo: Scintillation
  • Renié: Ballade Fantastique
  • Walter-Kühne: Fantaisie sur un thème de l’opéra Eugène Onegin
  1. Choose one of the following:
  • Caplet: Divertissement à l’espagnole
  • Caplet: Divertissement à la française
  • Bach/Grandjany: Etude No. 2 from the Bach/Grandjany Etudes
  • Rochberg: Ukiyo-e (Pictures of the Floating World)
  1. Orchestra/Choral (both are required):
  • Donizetti: Lucia Di Lammermoor cadenza (any version)
  • Britten: A Ceremony of Carols

For more information visit harpfoundationahs.org/competitions.

2018 Young Artist’s Harp Competition
The next Young Artist’s Harp Competition will take place 4-7 July 2018 in Rabun Gap, GA.
Required Repertoire:

Preparatory Division
(maximum age 11 on July 1, 2018)
Play each of the following:

  • Andrès: Epices Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, choose any two
  • Minkus-Paquita’s Dance from Suzuki Harp School, Vol. 4
  • Volpe BlighThe Downstairs Spider from Solos for Lever or Pedal Harp

New Artist Division
(maximum age 14 on July 1, 2018)
(A) Choose one of the following:

  1. F. HändelConcerto in B-flat, first movement only, any edition
  2. P. RameauL’Egyptienne
  3. Choose one of the following sonatas by Thomas Augustine Arne from Anthology of English Music, Vol. 3 edited by David Watkins:
    Sonata No. 3 in G Major
    Sonata No. 6 in G Minor
    Sonata No. 7 in A Major

(B) Choose one of the following:

  1. TournierVers la source dans le bois
  2. AndrèsAbsidioles
  3. DebussyFirst or Second Arabesque, any edition
  4. SalzedoIntrospection from Five Preludes

(C) Free choice selection of the contestant’s choosing (time limit, 10 minutes) Free choice. Composer cannot be the same as A or B choice. (see below)

Emerging Artist Division
(age 19 and under on July 1, 2018)
(A) Choose one of the following:

  1. S. Bach/GrandjanyEtude #2, from Etudes for Harp
  2. Jean Baptiste LoeilletToccata
  3. Choose any two:
    Couperin: Tic-Toc-Choc
    Cl. Daquin: L’Hirondell
    Cl. Daquin: Le Coucou

(B) Choose one of the following:

  1. Caplet: Divertisements

Choose one

  1. BrittenSuite for Harp Choose any two movements
  2. FaureUne Chatelaine un sa tour

(C) Free choice selection of the contestant’s choosing (time limit, 12 minutes) Free choice. Composer cannot be the same as A or B choice.

For futher details refer to: www.harpseminar.com

The American Harp Society National Competition was held 25-28 June 2017 at St. Olaf College Northfield, MN. The results were:
Junior Division
First Prize: Isabella McCormick
Second Prize: Emma Phippen
Third Prize: Eunice Park
Fourth Prize (tie): Chloe Lau
Fourth Prize (tie): Sophia Jho
Fourth Prize (tie): Kaila Blodgett
Honorable Mention: Jadelyn Ding
Honorable Mention: Ava Nicoletti
Honorable Mention: Ava Crook 
Intermediate I Division
First Prize: Annette Lee
Second Prize: Danielle Nam
Third Prize: Lucy Sotak
Fourth Prize: Lily Primus
Fifth Prize: Renee Murphy
Sixth Prize: Emma Demille
Intermediate II Division
First Prize: Vivian Tang
Second Prize (tie): Tiffany Wong
Second Prize (tie): Monet Wilson
Fourth Prize (tie): Kaitlin Miller
Fourth Prize (tie): Erika Rosen
Fourth Prize (tie): Kartie Kerr
Advanced Division
First Prize: Kinsey McNevin
Second Prize: Adam Phan
Third Prize: Molly Langr
Fourth Prize: Alyssa Katahara
Fifth Prize: Clara Wang
Sixth Prize: Elizabeth Yeoh-Wang
Salzedo Prize: Adam Phan
Young Professional Division
First Prize: Abigail Kent
Second Prize: Natalie Severson
Third Prize: Hannah Cope
Fourth Prize: Elisabeth Zosseder
Fifth Prize: Madeline Jarzembak
Sixth Prize: Eliza Holland


Ching Wei Lin, Madeline Jarzembak and Subin Lee are the winners of the 2017 Lyon & Healy Awards. Hannah Cope received an Honorable Mention.

Winners of the 2017 Lyon & Healy Awards

Winners of the 2017 Lyon & Healy Awards. L to R: Ching Wei Lin, Madeline Jarzembak and Subin Lee

Abigail Kent has been named the new American Harp Society Concert Artist after winning the Young Professional Division of the National Competition.

Abigail Kent

Abigail Kent


Rachel Lee Hall was a winner of the Astral Artists 2017 National Auditions in Philadelphia.

Rachel Lee Hall


Florence Sitruk has been appointed professor of harp at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music, replacing the retired distinguished professor of harp, Susann McDonald.

Florence Sitruk

Florence Sitruk

Erin Brooker-Miller is the new principal harpist of the Des Moines Symphony in Iowa.

Katherine Siochi is the new principal harpist of the Sarasota Orchestra in Florida.


Events and Festivals

27 January 2018, Newport News, VA – Christopher Newport University Harp Festival https://www.facebook.com/CNUharp/

1-4 March 2018, Williamsburg, VA – Beginning in the Middle

7-10 March 2018, Atlanta, GA – ASTA National Conference

6-9 June 2018, Chicago, IL – Lyon & Healy Summer Concert Series featuring Emmanuel Ceysson, Lavinia Meijer, Katherine Siochi, and Brandee Younger. 

27-30 June 2018, Redlands, CA – American Harp Society, Inc. 43rd National Conference “Back to our Future” and Anne Adams Awards – University of Redlands 

7-21 July 2018, Kenyon College, OH – Young Artist’s Harp Seminar 
Young Artist’s Harp Competition: 4-7 July 2018
Young Artist’s Harp Seminar: 7-21 July 2018
YAHS Prep Division: 9-16 July 2018
YAHS Application Deadline: 15 March 2018

15-22 July 2018, Lake Junaluska, NC – The Summer Harp Academy

19-22 July 2018, Parsippany, NJ – Somerset Folk Harp Festival

19-22 June 2019, University of North Carolina School for the Arts, Winston-Salem, NC – 13th American Harp Society, Inc. Summer Institute and 23rd AHS, Inc. National Competition


“Harps in the Trees” – documentary film by Ezio Taranto, follows Cheryl Ann Fulton and her medieval harp choir, Angelorum, to the highlands of Scotland.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=078IGSP9Cy0

The USA International Harp Competition Board of Directors has added ten new members: Patty Ardery, Joyce Brower, Bea Carlyss, Heaven Hui-Wen Fan, Betsy Fitzgerald, Ruth Inglefield, Wendy Muston, Debra Pekin, Jill Pitz, and Florence Sitruk.


Kirsten Agresta Copley has been appointed to the faculty of Vanderbilt University Blair School of Music.

Dr. Alicia Duncan McQuay has been appointed to head the harp department at Brigham Young University in Idaho.  

Chen-Yu Huang has been appointed Principal Harpist with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra.

Rachel Miller has been appointed Principal Harpist with the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra in Michigan.

Composition Contests

Weiger Lepke-Sims Family Sacred Music Award
Application deadline 31 December 2017. Prize includes a $600 award, performance and recording of the work. 

USA International Harp Competition 6th Solo Harp Composition Contest. 
Application deadline 15 October 2018. Prizes include $2,000, publication and inclusion in stage 3 of the performance competition. 


AHS Grants Program
Deadline 15 March 2018. Grant applications accepted for projects that will further the mission statement of the Society.

In Memoriam

Graphic: Corkey Christman/ Subtitle: Wilber Christman

Wilber “Corkey” Christman, 80, died October 16, 2017, in Schenectady, NY. Corkey studied at Curtis Institute and Camden, Maine, under Carlos Salzedo, and continued with Marilyn Costello and Alice Chalifoux. His varied performance career included programs, which blended music, poetry (sometimes his own), and dance. Corkey also played regularly with the Schenectady and Vermont Symphonies, and Williamstown Theatre Festival. He taught privately and at The Schenectady Conservatory of Music.


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