In October 2017, the Third Buenos Aires Harp Week took place at the National Arts University. It was co-organized by the New Argentinean Harp School NGO. Its president and founder, Professor Oscar Rodríguez Do Campo organized the event, which gathered more than twenty-five harpists and musicians from South America and Europe, together with Artistic Director, Marcela Mendez.

The week was dedicated in memory of the late Mexican harpist, Angel Padilla Crespo.  A special award was presented to Mabel Gomez Oliver, the Mexican Ambassador in Buenos Aires, and Diego de la Vega Wood, Cultural Affairs representative, to be kept within the Mexican Embassy at Buenos Aires in Angel’s name. 

Oscar Rodríguez Do Campo presents the Angel Padilla Crespo Award to Mexican Ambassador, Mabel Gomez Oliver.

Concerts, workshops and masterclasses were offered by Lucrecia Jancsa, Graciela Milana, Tiziana Todoroff, Gabriela Gonzalez Czerednikow, Alina Traine, Miguel Angel Cagliani (piano), Felipe Martini, Nicolas Rauld (viola), and Nicolas Brizuela (flute). The week ended with some of the students performing works for an audience and members of the Jury. 

Felipe Martini (harp), Nicolas Rauld (viola), and Nicolas Brizuela (flute)

International guests were Elisabeth Plank from Austria, who was sponsored by the Austrian Embassy and presented a special concert, and French legend, Marielle Nordmann, who received the International Certificate of Visiting Professor from the National Arts University and a special award by the New Argentinean Harp School, also presented to Elisabeth Plank. Marielle Nordmann and Oscar Rodriguez Do Campo also gave masterclasses and private lessons.

Marielle Nordmann

The First National Contest for Pedal harp also took place during the week. 

The results are: 
Childrens Category:
First prize: Lourdes Mora 
Second prize: Anahi Milana
Third prize: Gelsomnia Arnolfo Tourn. 

Junior Category:
First prize: Sofia Retamal Diniello
Second prize: Juana Moreno

Intermediate Category:
First prize: Giulia Mazzotta
Second prize: Elena Echenique

Stimulus Category
First prize: Valentina Reyna Masat

Special prizes were awarded to Sofia Retamal Diniello, (Promise of Tomorrow, Best Performance of an Argentinean piece) and Giulia Mazzotta (Best Performance of an Argentinean piece). 


FALL 2017


4 October 2017 Marcela Mendez, Mario Martinez and Maryen Muñoz will join in a concert in the Golden Hall of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires called “A Journey to Baroque Music: from Caccini to Bach”. Marcela Mendez will perform on the arpa doppia, Mario Martinez on the Baroque guitar and voice, and Mexican-Spanish harpist Maryen Muñoz on the pedal harp.

The 3rd “Buenos Aires Harp Week” will take place 16 to 20 October 2017 at the National Artes University in Buenos Aires. Marielle Nordmann will be the guest of honor and will offer masterclasses as will Oscar Rodriguez Do Compo.

Also the first harp student contest of Argentina for intermediate level will take place within the same event.

All events are co-organized by the “Neuva Escurla Argentina de Arpa”.  For more information contact:



6-12 May 2017, American harpist Rita Costanzi will offer masterclasses and concerts in Paraná City and Buenos Aires.