The Second All-Russia Musical Competition took place in December 2016 and was organized by the Ministry of Culture.

Twenty-two harpists took part in the competition. The three stages showed a very high professional level of the participants. The program included baroque and Russian music, sonatas or program pieces by foreign composers of the 20th century, virtuoso compositions and Ravel or Debussy with chamber ensemble or orchestra.

Prizes were awarded to:
First prize: Artemiy Izmajlov, St. Petersburg
Second prize: Alexandra Tikhonova, Moscow;  Tatiana Repnikova, St. Petersburg
Third prize: Valera Voschennikova, Moscow

Special mentions: 
For the best performing of Glinka: Marina Chudakova, Moscow;
For the best performing of Bach: Elizaveta Kozina, Moscow;
and three youngest harpists got also mentions: Anastasia Mozol, St. Petersburg; Valeriya Kononikhina, Rostov-on-Don;  Evelina Sabitova, Moscow.

We very much hope that in four years we will have The Third All-Russia Musical Competition.


The 13th Harp Art of Russia Festival started in October 2016 with three concerts of harpists from regional music schools, and continued with three concerts in December. In April 2017 we plan two concerts dedicated to world famous harpists and in May our yearly festival closes with three concerts given by young harpists form regional music schools. During the festival masterclasses will be given.

The main idea of this festival is to promote our instrument, to support all harpists and young composers. Well known composers, members of Russian Harp Society continue to write for harp and ensembles with harp. The Russian Harp Society plays a very important role in harp life in Russia. Every year the performing level becomes higher, we obtain new compositions to perform and the festival is very popular among people. Harp life in Russia, especially in Moscow, is very active.