The Harpes au Max Festival will take place in Ancenis on 17-20 May 2018. www.harpesaumax.com

The Camac Festival will take place in Belfort, close to the German and Swiss borders in Northeast France on 19-21 October 2018.


Marie Pierre Langlamet will give a masterclass 20-30 July 2018 in Tignes. www.festivalmusicalp.com


Festivals and Competitions

The Festival d’été de Gargilesse celebrates its 50th anniversary this summer (5-20 August 2017) with 60 harpists performing in 25 events.  The festival was created by Pierre Jamet, whose daughter Marie-Claire will be the guest of honour.

Anne Ricquebourg, who is the artistic director of the festival, writes on the city of artists:
“George Sand, writer, came to Gargilesse since 1857. The last lover of George Sand offered her a little house. It was her refuge. She wrote some of her latest novels at Gargilesse. We can visit her home: it’s like a doll house with many of her  collections: butterflies, insects, pebbles, puppets of his son and her clothes, little shoes…
A lot of painters came also during the impressionistic period. Claude Monet has painted the famous series “boucle de la Creuse” , and Léon Detroy, not well known, but a very good painter, and many others lived here. They have founded “l’école de Crozant “, group of impressionists in the Berry (region of south of Paris). The parents  of Pierre Jamet (Henri Jamet and Marie Mahout) and Pierre Jamet himself  were painters. It’s the reason why Pierre Jamet lived at Gargilesse. Henri Jamet bought his house in 1892. Pierre Jamet was one year old. There are pictures at Gargilesse of Pierre Jamet as a baby, in the arms of his mother, by Henri Jamet . Pictures also of Pierre Jamet and Marie Mahout.
Now, it’s always the city of artists, with painters, sculptors, book illustrators, puppet maker, ironworker of art, picture framer … there are many exhibitions, in the farm, space of the dovecote, the castle, house of Léon Detroy,  museum (which was the school of the village before )…
There are many things to do in the country also: hiking in the countryside, kayak trips on the Creuse. There are very good cheeses (of goat) and culinary specialties.”